Table Blossom trees

 Our 5 ft Blossom Tree Centerpieces give any venue the WOW factor. Available in Pink or Ivory

The real wood trunk on these beautiful blossom trees still allows your guests to view each other without having blossom at eye level. They look so realistic that you really can’t tell that they are not the real deal. These blossom trees look fantastic as centerpieces and will transform your room.

Each tree comes with 3 glass tealight baubles creating a stunning and romantic centerpiece.

HIRE PRICE £20 each

Our White Blossom Canopy Trees stand at a staggering 3.2 metres tall and each tree spans 2.5 metres.

Create a beautiful create a unique and magical backdrop to your ceremony aisle and behind the top table, dripping in candlelit hanging baubles they will certainly be a memorable feature and create amazing photographs.

£150 for 1 or £250 for the pair.

Why not add some mood lighting to your trees

HIRE PRICE £10 per light


Elegant blossom tree 1.4m tall £80.00 each

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Luxury Blossom Tree- £150.00 1.8m tall