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Floral Exuberance  Florist

Thank you for looking at our terms and conditions on wedding flowers and hiring out our wedding items.


The below terms “we”, “us”, “our”, “Floral” and “the company” refer to Floral Exuberance Florist and Events; whereas “client”, “hirer”, “customer” and “you” refers to the person or organisation (of whom a named contact is representing) that is requesting the services they wish us to provide.  Where an individual is booking our services on behalf of an organisation, they are confirming that they have the proper authority to do so and in doing so, agree to enter into a contract with us.


Quotations – Wedding Flowers

(a) All quotations remain valid for 14 days only (unless otherwise stated).  Our services are subject to availability at the time of booking.

  1. b) A quotation for the cost of your wedding flowers will be sent out to you soon after your initial consultation. This is a guide price and will be subject to change following the detailed consultation to account for any changes you make nearer to the wedding day and reflect the market cost of the flowers at the time of ordering.
  2. c) Seven days after the quote has been issued you will be required to sign our wedding contract. This will be countersigned by Floral Exuberance upon receiving the booking deposit and will then form a binding contract.

Booking your date  – Wedding Flowers:

  1. a) A booking deposit of £100.00 is required, this is to establish the booking and secure the date / hire. If the order is cancelled this is not refunded.
  2. b)  A signed copy of the quotation is required to confirm and hold our services for your date which will be deemed to be your acceptance of these terms and conditions. Any requested booking fees/deposits will not be refunded under any circumstance.


  1. c) If for any reason you decide to cancel your wedding, this deposit is non-refundable. If you decide to postpone your wedding, we will hold the deposit until the wedding goes ahead and may be subject to rearrangement fees.
  2. d) Once your wedding date is booked with us, you should arrange a further detailed consultation approximately 4 – 6 weeks before your wedding day. This is to finalise the arrangements and discuss any last minute changes.

e). All wedding consultations will be made by appointment only. The initial and detailed consultations are complimentary. We will be available for contact by phone and email at any stage to answer any questions and queries you may have. Further requests for consultations may be charged.

  1. f) Any changes made to a wedding order must be submitted in writing by the bride, groom or appointed acting party. We order your wedding flowers approximately ten to seven days before your wedding date, dependent on type of flowers chosen. You will not be allowed to make any changes after the order has been placed without additional fees. We will however try to make small changes where possible to accommodate your needs.

g). As fresh flowers and foliage are living products, there are occasions when particular varieties may be unavailable. Whilst every effort is made to source products accordingly, sometimes we are unable to obtain a particular type of flower. All fresh flowers and foliage are subject to availability and stringent quality checks, as such Floral Exuberance reserve the right to use a similar flower in place of the previously chosen flower.

  1. The final invoice for your wedding flowers will be issued to you after your detailed consultation. The final payment must be paid in full 14 days before the wedding. Floral Exuberance reserves the right to cancel any wedding flowers, if payment is not made by this date. We are not obliged to offer any compensation for inconvenience caused.
  2. Prices quoted will take into consideration a premium for weddings occurring over Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day weekend and any public / bank holiday.
  3. We require a signature from yourself or an appointed person when you receive your flowers to confirm their delivery is of acceptable condition and that quantities are correct. Any queries must be raised within 1 hour of delivery.
  4. Cancellation Charges
    Any cancellations made within 90 days of the booked event: No deposit refundable.
    Any cancellations made within 60 days of the booked event: No deposit refundable and administration charge will be applicable of £50.00.
    Any cancellations made within 30 days of the booked event: No deposit refundable and 50% of the final balance will be required.
    Any cancellations within 14 days of the booked event: Full balance will be required.

Invoices and Payments

  1. Invoices will be issued and payment required in accordance with the specific payment terms of your contract as agreed at the time of booking.   Unless otherwise agreed, this is generally 14 days prior to the date of your event. If the event is the same week of booking then full payment must be made 2 days prior and must be paid fast track bank transfer/PayPal gift.
  2. b)  Our preferred method of payment is via Bank Transfer, Paypal or Credit Card, details of which are provided on your quotation and invoice.
  3. c)  Payments are also accepted by Paypal Gift
  4. d)  All invoices must be paid in full by the due date as stated on the invoice or by the agreed date as detailed on your quotation.



Quotations Re Hired Items

(a) All quotations remain valid for 2 weeks only (unless otherwise stated).  Our services and hire items are available at the time of quotation and will be held after your quote for 2 weeks. After this date they will be released back into the system.

  1. b)  We may provide a verbal or informal email quote as a guideline only, in advance of a formal written quotation on our official headed paper.  All quotations are subject to change, should additional work be required due to unforeseen circumstances.

Payment/Booking your date

  1. a) The remaining balance is due either 2 weeks prior to the function date or if the event is the same week of booking then full payment must be made 2 days prior and must be paid fast track bank transfer/PayPal gift.
  2. We will endeavour to notify you of the remaining balance and to fully confirm the order. However, we cannot be held responsible for this reminder; it is incumbent upon yourselves to make all payments at the appropriate time. Payment can be made via Cash, BACS or PayPal Although BACS is preferable, we also accept cheques made payable to – Emma Sheffield.


  1. We will reserve you date and items for a minimum of 1 week without a deposit, once this week has past if we do not hear from you we will presume you no longer wish to hire the items and will release the date and items.

Damage Deposit / Breakages/ Theft

  1. During the period of hire, you shall be solely responsible for the hired goods.   The client/hirer shall also be held responsible for any damage or loss to our equipment caused by any person / guest/ other supplier i.e photographer, d,j etc at your event.

You will be charged for the full cost of any repairs, or replacements required.  You will be advised of any damage as soon as is reasonably possible.

  1. b)  You the hirer are responsible for the items during the hire period and we advise you to take out adequate insurance to cover any loss.  The period starts once the items are delivered and ends when the items are collected at the end of the hire.
  2. c)  If damage or loss to hire items has occurred, we will email you with pictures and you will receive an invoice within 30 days of your event and the amount must be settled within 30 days of receipt of your invoice.
  3. d)  It is your responsibility to recover any losses to hire items incurred from any third party involved i.e guests /
  4. e) Loss or damage to hired items is charged at full replacement value including any delivery costs incurred.  No substitute items will be accepted.
  5. f)  Replacement costs of any of our hire items are also available on request.
  6. g) “Floral” is not responsible for any injury or damage to persons or property caused by items hired, unless our goods are proven to be faulty.
  7. h)  Our prices are inclusive of general laundry and cleaning costs. In the very rare event that damage has been caused to hire items purposefully or by treating them without care, additional laundering, repair or replacement charges will be incurred.
  8. i)  All damaged goods remain the property of “Floral” at all times.
  9. j) If the item(s) become lost or stolen whilst on hire or are damaged beyond reasonable wear and tear such as cigarette burns, holes, tears, wine or food stains, etc the full deposit or part thereof will be forfeited depending on the loss.

Example: lost, stolen or damaged Chair Covers up to £6.00 each, Sashes £2.00 each, Candy Cart Jars £5.00 each, Flower wall panels depends on damage but can be up to £25 per panel. Canopy Tree Arch Stem £800.00 Canopy Arch Blossom Branches £50.00 per branch,

  1. k) We do not insure against theft of the goods or other such mishaps once the item(s) are in your possession.

Canopy Blossom Trees – If you are hiring our canopy blossom trees these MUST NOT be moved once in situ. If you require them to be moved please let us know as this will require us to stay on site and move them for you, there is a fee to cover our time for this service. It is your responsibility to make sure the staff at your venue and any other suppliers are informed of this. If any damage is caused by a third party moving the trees, you will be liable for the cost of repair and/or replacement.

Period Of Hire
a)The hire period is agreed prior to the function by email.

b)You may not hire our item(s) to third parties or dry hire from us; the person booking the items for this hire period must be the intended user.

  1. c) We do not sell our items either, as this maintains exclusivity of our high quality, unique items for our paying clients and customers.


  1. a)  It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure equipment booked is suitable for use at the event venue.  No refunds, part or full, will be given for non-use of specific equipment that cannot be used due to any venue restrictions imposed.  Not all equipment is designed to fit through narrow doorways and/or up staircases.   It is the customer’s responsibility to inform us of any access restrictions that may impede set up or restrict equipment use.
  2. b)  Only Floral staff and authorised personnel may operate any equipment we provide on a wet hire basis. Under no circumstances may unauthorised personnel tamper, move or attempt to use equipment owned by ourselves.  We are not liable for damage to property, or injury to persons caused directly by third party intervention.   We reserve the right to substitute alternative equipment should uncontrollable circumstances dictate the need to do so.   We will not be responsible for any damage or loss to private or public property caused by invited or uninvited guests.
  3. c) All equipment is visually checked prior to and/or on arrival. We reserve the right to refuse to do so if the equipment is considered to be unsafe or liable to cause damage to any component linked to it.  The hirer is liable if post inspections prove that damage has been caused by faulty equipment other than ours.  We may carry out inspection on portable appliances if a valid PAT identifier is not found, the current rate of charge will apply in this circumstance.
  4. d)The hirer is to provide parking for one vehicle (Transporter Van), as near to the event area as possible.  Any parking charges will be your responsibility to pay for.
  5. e) The Hirer under no circumstances will be permitted to spray the Equipment with any hairspray, perfume or any other spray.
  6. f) We will not be liable for non-fulfilment of this contract by the management and/or the team, although every reasonable precaution will be taken.  In the event of the client seeking compensation, we will not be liable under any such claim, and we will only be liable for a sum up to and not exceeding the contracted amount.  This includes non-fulfilment from not being able to attend an event due to bad weather, road traffic accidents and any other occurrence that may be deemed ‘an act of god’ which further includes but is not limited to, snow, flooding and hurricanes of any size.
  7. g) We operate under the laws of England, UK.
  8. h) All events should provide public liability insurance suitable for all activities that your event undertakes and insurance for the equipment costs (available on request) as we are not liable for this within your event, although we will always operate safely and conduct appropriate risk assessments.  We are however in possession of £5,000,000 Public & Product Liability Insurance in respect of our actions and equipment.


Photography & Copyright
Should you wish to use any of our photographs or imagery for public / corporate use, please email us to obtain express agreement. Our company name, tag line, logo and branding are not to be used by any third party other than ourselves. All wording and imagery on our website and social media networks such as Facebook are under copyright. Any attempt to pass off our products, services, company name or details, as the work or intellectual property of another, is fraud by false representation (s.2 Fraud Act 2006) and will be dealt with legally, as appropriate.

Please sign to agree to our Terms and Conditions, you will find this on your booking form