Venue Decor

Chair Covers

​In the last decade chair covers and sashes have become a huge part of venue decor for a wedding.

There are a few reasons why chair covers and sashes have become popular:

There are lots of different types of chair covers and the quality of covers can vary alot.

At Floral Exuberance we offer a choice of White, Black and Ivory and we only use premium arched front spandex covers, these chair covers provide the sleek-fit capability that spandex is known for; creating a finish that is contemporary clean and stylish.

We stock over 100 different colour sashes in 7 different quality fabrics and sash styles. Our huge range of sashes means that we are sure to have what colour you need to satisfy your event theme.

Although chair covers are fairly easy to fit, they can be very time consuming. The bigger the chairs the harder they are to fit. Each chair cover has four pockets stitched on the bottom that cover the leg of each chair to stop them slipping around and to cover the entire frame of the chair, so each leg of the chair has to be placed into each pocket on the bottom of the chair cover. After each chair cover has been fitted we then tie each sash around each chair, insuring that every bow is standing proud and all the tails are uniform in length.

Each chair cover has to be fitted one by one and removed in the same way.

At Floral Exuberance chair covers and sashes are washed after every event and sashes are hand ironed and placed onto hangers  before each event.

The cost of our chair covers including a sash are £2.50 each this includes delivery and professional fitting, removal and collection the following day, within a 10 mile radius of Walsall (Delivery charges apply over 10mile radius)

We also offer a DIY service at £1.25 per chair cover including sash, (collection only) with a £100 returnable damaged deposit.

We also supply a number of hire items that help to transform your venue and create a real wow factor when you and your guests walk into the room, from Starlight backdrops to Blossom Arches to Moon gates and centrepieces.