Giant Latex Balloons


Giant balloons make fantastic decor and will certainly add the WOW factor to your event! They are particularly effective in larger rooms with tall ceilings.

How big are the giant balloons?
Our giant balloons are inflated to approximately 30 inches in diameter.

What colours do they come in?
They are available in a wide range of colours – please let us know what colours you would like and we’ll find you the best match.

Can I have my giant balloons outdoors?
It is possible to use giant balloons outdoors. However, it’s important to be aware that any helium-filled balloon will thrash around in the breeze and so will only look effective if the weather is very calm on the day of your event. Please let us know if you are thinking of having the balloons outdoors and we will make them with heavier weights to ensure the bases don’t move.


The price for a solid colour giant balloon (helium-filled, with satin ribbon tail and a weight) is
£30. You can choose to have different tails or finishes, as follows:

  • Add confetti to the inside of the balloon (+ £6 per balloon)
  • Natural foliage hanging down from the neck of the balloon (+ £6 per balloon)
  • Artificial ivory tails (+£8 per balloon)
  • Fairy light tails (+£9)
  • Collar of miniature balloons attached to the neck of the giant balloon (+ £3 per giant balloon)
  • Tassel tails (+£10)
  • Tulle covered giant balloon (+ £14 per balloon)
  • Large bow attached to the neck of the balloon (+ £5 per balloon)

Installation at the venue is included in the price of your balloons – just add delivery. The delivery checker in the cart  provides more information on delivery prices as well as the minimum order for delivery to your venue or area.