Colour Matched Bridal Bouquets and Flowers

Towards the beginning of this year, I had an enquiry from a bride who knew EXACTLY what she wanted – right down to the exact shade of flower she wanted. Normally, it makes things easy for me when the customer can tell me every detail of what they need, but on this occasion it caused more than a few sleepless nights. After visiting every local wholesaler, and scouring the net for an eternity I was at the point of giving up. We had agreed an exact bouquet, and the exact rose to use, but it wasn’t available in the colour required – unless we ordered 10,000+ in which case they would colour match them to the desired shade. As I only needed 50 or so in each colour, it seemed overkill to order 10,000 so I tasked hubby to find a solution. After much experimentation with various methods and products, two weeks later we had colour matched airbrushed roses that the bride was over the moon with, the below images show the finished article

As a result, we can now offer both fresh and artificial flowers in any colour – you let us know the RAL code, and leave the rest to me (well hubby).

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