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  • Pallet Table Plan with Easel Hire

    Pallet Table Plan with white easel

    Vintage look cream picture frames with table plan inside.

    Jam jars or jugs with silk or fresh flowers in to go with your colours.

    All day Hire £90.00

    Delivery area with West Midlands. Further afield may be possible please get in touch, there may be an extra delivery fee

    If multiple items are booked with us we do offer a package discount

  • Our First Wedding of The Year.

    Our first wedding of the year and it was amazing!!

    We have have had the prviledge of doing this wonderful couples wedding at a stunning location not far from us.

    Norma and Mark got married at the end of Jan 2017 in a small intimate civil ceremony of only 40 guests at The Old School House in Weeford Lichfield.

    Believe it or not was achieved in only 4 weeks!!! Norma did come to see me in November but i was ill with flu so would not see her as she was expecting her baby, but then life got in the way for both of us- Norma had her baby and my flu turned into pneumonia.

    When I met up with Norma for her consultation she told me she had 2 bridesmaids’ and they were wearing different coloured dresses, one in Berry and one in Navy, she was a bit concerned how to solve this problem with flowers. We discussed flower options and agreed on a mix of roses after she saw one of my other bridal bouquet designs. Norma wanted small bridesmaids flowers.






    Now, I am a florist first and foremost, but Norma had asked if I could also do a few other things that normally a wedding planner or venue dresser would do, but i had the know how on some areas  and others i had help with my mom.

    Lets get to the flowers first. 

    These set the whole feel  for the wedding.
    The Roses were in Hot Pinks, Very dark Burgundy, pale pinks with red Skimmia and foliage. The designs were all hand tied with the buttonholes and corsage’s  replicating this feel.
    Flower consisted of

    Bridal bouquet, with navy blue blow in satin ribbon with trails.






    2 bridesmaid’s bouquets,






    Buttonholes and Corsages,







    Windowsill arrangements, Jam Jars with flowers, Chair flowers, Registrar table arrangement.











    The rest.

    We supplied Table linen, Real peal confetti in cones and her Order of Service.

    Table linen consisted of White table cloths, navy blue napkins, and Berry chair sashes.






    Petal confetti cones these were purchased by us and put together by ourselves.

    Order of service Made by us. ( well my mom who makes cards and myself)






    Tied cutlery with ribbon which we also did.





    With the help of my husband, who I may add, I would not be able to achieve all that I do without his help,  big shout out to him for all he does. Norma’s wedding day started at 8am loading up both cars.
    8am- hubby delivered the grooms flowers,  8.30 am I deliver flowers to the bride, 8.45 am we both  go to venue and set up wedding room:

    This consisted of placing chair sashes on chairs and tying flowers on, placing windowsill arrangements, placing jam jar flowers around the room, placing the order of service on the chairs and leaving the confetti cons where they could be seen.

    Whilst we were there the lovely cake ladies arrived from Bunty and Paggy’s Cake Shop in Cannock with a stunning wedding cake, I told her where Norma would like the cake as previously discussed the few days before.

    10.45am  finally finished in time for guests to arrive at 11.3o.

    WOW what a difference flowers and sashes make to a room.







    As Norma’s reception was in the same room as her wedding, we  had to go back to venue at 12 noon where we waited for Norma  to get married.

    I had the chance to see the bridesmaids with their flowers too whilst waiting for the bride. When the photos were being taken we went into room and started the transformation from wedding room to wedding reception.
    With the help of restaurant staff, we laid the table cloths, folded the napkins, placed cutlery, favors and name cards from the seating plan, sprinkled confetti, placed the registrar arrangement on the top table, and jam jars that were used for the ceremony room on the tables.

    It all looked stunning – have a look at this transformation:











    Your wedding flowers are not just for one day as some may think,  your flower arrangements should keep for 1-2 weeks after your wedding if watered properly, if you have arrangements or flowers in water keep them topped up with water on a daily basis, they are yours to keep, you paid for them so you can take them home with you the day after your wedding and adorn your house as a reminder of your wonderful wedding. Norma collected her flowers the day after she got married and has adorned her home with them.

    Here is just a glimpse of what was done behind the scenes to create Norma’s wedding day.

    First consultation with bride lasted 2 hours this is free.

    3 hours working out her quote, looking for the right shade of roses to go with the shade of berry, then rearranging the quote to get it into budget for the bride.

    Visit the venue to measure up the windowsills for the flowers, measure chairs and tables for chair sashes table cloths.
    Internet searching for competitively priced real petal confetti and table linen.
    Visits to the bride to show fabric samples for table linen and sashes, flower confetti and cones that were purchased, collect favours, table plan and name cards.
    Emails back and forth to the bride with pictures of confetti and cones etc. to get the ones she liked.
    Visits to the venue with the bride to ease her mind about how everything will be done and have a final chat with the manager.
    Answering numerous txt messages and emails from the bride with questions she had.
    Time sorting out a company for good quality table linen.
    Phone calls to the venue speaking to the hotel manager sorting out days when bride and myself can visit when I can visit, when the room will be free to be decorated and when we collect the cutlery.
    Ordering flowers online from Holland, making sure we have a few more than needed in case some flowers break or are not right as flowers are a natural item you just never know and with a wedding it must be perfect. Conditioning flowers upon arrival this can take up to half a day depending upon the number of flowers, 2 days making the flowers.
    Waking up at 4 a.m on the morning of the wedding to place ribbon on the flowers and make sure everything is okay, if not replacing flowers, getting flowers ready for delivery, writing labels for the buttonholes so everyone knows whose buttonhole is who’s. Trying to make myself look presentable on 3 hours’ sleep 🙂
    Then the hard work begins on the day delivering flowers and so on.
    delivering flowers to both groom and bride, delivering flowers to the venue, setting op of wedding room, going home, going back to decorate reception room, going back home, then going back at the end of the day to collect table linen this then must be inspected, dried if wet then bagged up for collection and sent back.
    But it’s all worth all the hard work to see the brides face and the tear that starts to show when she sees the flowers and her room.

  • New year brings in new challenges- wedding planning

    New year new challenge and it’s a first…. Our first wedding of the year is on 28th Jan.

    The bride has booked her wedding and venue flowers with us and also asked us if we can do the following..

    Ask number 1 – Dress her reception tables: white table clothes, navy blue napkins and chair sahses, Ofcourse we can do that. we will even dress it ourselves to make sure it’s done right. I have got samples of fabrics to run past her in the next few days. It just needed me to go to the venue and measure the tables so i could get the right sizes for her.

    Ask number 2 – She said she would like real petal confetti.. again we have sourced this with cones and will get it all made for her and take with us to the venue.

    Ask number 3- To print off her order of service- again after doing some searching i have found a resonably priced place to get these done for her as i am not specialised in that area, so when i get the information from the bride on how she wants them i will get the ball rolling.

    So yes the new year has given me some challenges in weddng planning that we have not done before, but at least now this is something i can add to my list of things we can do for our brides, i can see a new webiste page being added.. I have got alot of good contacts in other areas too should i be asked again. So i am quite enjoying this time in finding new things and challenges.
    Happy new year.

  • When asked to create a Narrowboat funeral flower tribute

    Earlier last week i had a phonecall from a lady asking if i could create a narrowboat funeral tribute ofcourse i said yes… my customer wasnt sure which design to go for so i sent her pictures of both the flat designes and the 3d designs so she could see what i was on about. My cusotmer agreed to the 3D deisgn.
    The Narrowbaot delivery was a first for me as it had to be delivered to a church in Fazely Tamworth. So i phoned up the church and asked all the details to see if this was ok – which ofcourse it was.
    So i could see what the narrowboat looked like my customer very kibdly took photos of it and sent them to me via facebook.

    Well here are the pictures my customer sent me and here are the pictures of what i created.. I hope i did them proud.







  • what a few weeks!

    Well a few weeks agon i was ill with what i thought was man flu, it wanst until the doctor came out to see me and i was sent straight to A and E that we thought ok this is more than flu. Turns out i had got pnemonia from working in the cold for too long. So after a week and a half in hospital and after having to close up for 2 weeks to get better i can safely say that i am back to normal ( well nearly). Its a good job as this week i have got xmas to prepare for with holly wreaths and door wreaths, and, i have got 3 funeral orders in. 1 is a guitar in flowers, the other is a 3d Narrowboat in flowers and the 3rd is an Irish Grandad frame, plus having silk buttnholes to do and some Etsy orders for the USA. Oh as well as my son having his 17th birthday this week too.
    So after my illness we are going to be re doing my workroom so i am no longer working at the front… this will take time ofcourse until then we will keeping the doors firmly shut in my workroom, so if anybody wants me they will have to knock on the workroom door i am afraid.
    Anyway enough of my babbling, it’s a sunday and i am supposed to be cooking dinner along with home made soup.
    Bye for now folks.

  • Wedding Flowers in Red and Burgandy

    Sarah and Ian 2016
    Reception – Botanical Gardens Birmingham
    Photos Supplied by John Barker Photography

    Sarah and Ian requested Silk flowers for their wedding, There color scheme was very unusual with red and bugandy bridesmaids dresses.

    We used Deep red roses, Lilac/purple phalenopsis orchids, white sweet pea, Purple calla lilly.

    All flowers had accents of crystal leaves for added sparkle.


    • sarah-ian-bridesmaids
    • sarah-ian-002
    1. 1
    2. 2

    • 14694876_1563022883723465_851069279_n
    • 20160504_173240
    • 14699734_1563019210390499_1830684818_n
    • 20160504_173403
    1. 1
    2. 2
    3. 3
    4. 4

    Bridal Bouquet.

    Sarah decided on a shower bouquet. After alot of colour sampling we chose colours to compliment both the bridesmaids dresses. We used Dark Purple Calla Lilly , Rich dark Red Roses, Purple Orchids and crystal sprays for sparkle, We used mixed foliage to accent the flowers and used bear grass to create a modern twist. Her bouquet handle was then finished off with burgandy organza ribbon  finished with crystals.


    Her Bridesmaids ranged from Adults to a flower girl,  Adults had the same flowers and foliage in thier hand Tied Desigs but the bridesmaids had just sweet pea and orchid.






    • little-ellie-002
    • 14694789_1563022647056822_561837162_n
    • 14642825_1563018343723919_1303367624_n
    • 20160504_173507
    • 20160504_173540
    1. 1
    2. 2
    3. 3
    4. 4
    5. 5

    • 14658316_1563023083723445_2070048974_n
    • 20160504_173727
    • 20160504_173640
    • 20160504_173832
    1. 1
    2. 2
    3. 3
    4. 4


    Selection of the grooms, best man, ushers, dads and moms  buttonhole,

    The Grooms Buttonhole was created as a small reflection of the bridal bouquet






     Venue Flowers

    Venue flowers were silk flowers used in glass jars with pearls and beads, The jars were provided to us by the bride and groom.







    • top-table-centrepiece
    • 20160504_180246
    1. 1
    2. 2

    • flowers-and-cake
    • 14741110_1563022937056793_215403967_n
    • 14686404_1563025113723242_1837428546_n
    • 14658214_1563023480390072_1105190459_n
    1. 1
    2. 2
    3. 3
    4. 4
    5. 5

    Other photos of thier day and flowers









    Flowers created by Emma at Floral Exuberance

    Proffessional photos taken by John Barker Photography:

    Facebook https://www.facebook.com/johnbarkerphotography1/

    Website http://www.johnbarkerphotography.co.uk/






  • Wedding flowers in rich Burgandy and Raspberry

    Michelle and Paul 2016  Wedding – Aston Church Birmingham

    Reception – Botanical Gardens Birmingham
    Photos by- Redditch photography

    Michelle and Paul  were such a wonderful couple – there theme colour scheme was lovely rich burgandy.

    • michelle-and-paul-1
    • michelle-and-paul-3
    • michelle-and-paul-2
    1. 1
    2. 2
    3. 3

    • 20160813_080038_richtonehdr
    • 20160813_080048_richtonehdr
    • 20160813_080117_richtonehdr
    1. 1
    2. 2
    3. 3

     Michelle’s Bridal Bouquet.

    Michelle had decided upon a shower bouquet with calla lily and roses. We chose colours to compliment the bridesmaids dresses. We used  Dark Purple Calla Lilly with Two Tone White and  Raspberry Roses with diamantes for sparkle in the roses, mixed foliage to accent the flowers. Her bouquet handle was then finished off with white and purple satin ribbon in a criss cross design finished with diamantes


    Her Bridesmaids ranged from Adults to flower girls, they all had the same flowers and foliage in thier hand Tied Designs but graduating in size due to their ages.

    The flower girls had artifiical rose pomanders in white roses with Burgamdy loops.






    • michelle-and-paul-2
    • 20160813_080313_richtonehdr
    • 20160813_080458_richtonehdr
    • 20160813_080458_richtonehdr
    • 20160813_084845_richtonehdr
    1. 1
    2. 2
    3. 3
    4. 4
    5. 5

    • 20160813_083811_richtonehdr
    • michelle-and-paul-3
    • 20160813_083834_richtonehdr
    • 20160813_083823_richtonehdr
    • 20160813_084417_richtonehdr
    1. 1
    2. 2
    3. 3
    4. 4
    5. 5


    Selection of the grooms, best man, ushers, dads and moms  buttonhole,

    The Grooms Buttonhole was created as a small reflection of the bridal bouquet






    Church and Venue Flowers

    The Church Pedastal was placed in situ at the Church after we had delivered the wedding flowers to Michelle.

    We then delivered the Venue flowers and placed in situ on the top table of The Botanical Gardens. Michelle and Paul wanted  the foliage to extend longer than normal accross the table and also to include sunflowers, as these had a special meaning to the family. This arrangement was made in two parts so it could be utilised at the the grave side after the wedding

    Thank you bouquets were also provided and taken to the botanical gardens again in the wedding colours and flowers






    • 14011840_10201935308859654_33210930_n
    • 14010014_10201931691249216_1957691148_n-2
    • 13988817_10201937218867403_646719279_n
    1. 1
    2. 2
    3. 3







    OMG i am soo excited today. Here is why…….
    As a florist we all get our frames from a company called Val Spicer- this company makes ALL the oasis frames from wreath rings, posy pads, hearts, crosses and designer specialist frames such as motorbikes etc, for us florists to be able to create our funeral flowers.
    Well i am on their page and i decided to post some pictures i did of some funeral flowers just to show them what i ahd made using their frames.
    Unbeknown to me they do something called ” Florist of the week” where they pick a florist who has done really good work and they win the tital ” Florist of the week”.
    Now this group has loads of other florists posting pictures of their work and i never even gave it a thought i would even be in the running for this…. well I was. and TODAY I HAVE WON FLORIST OF THE WEEK——- OMG SOO EXCITED I’M JUMPING WITH JOY 🙂
    The winning funeral pieces are below- motorbike and grandad
    Have a look on our facebook page for our post and the message from Val Spicer



    See winning pieces

    See winning pieces

  • A Very Romantic Valentines Day Wedding Day of Claire and Andy at Somerford Hall Brewood

    Claire and Andy are such a wonderful couple and are so happy and in love with each other – there theme was for a truly romantic valentines day wedding in Red with a hint of white.
    Thier wedding was held at the magnifescent Somerford Hall in Brewood Staffordhire http://www.somerfordhall.co.uk/

    All wedding flowers were delivered here including the top table/registrar flowers.

    Claire had decided on a shower bouquet of all roses for her in fresh flowers and then medium sized artificial rose posies for her bridesmaids, and artificial rose buttonholes and corsages for the handsome groom and wedding party.

    This sumptuous valentines day wedding was a joy to create even though i was busy making other flowers for lovers on valentines day but it helped immensly by claire having artifiical flowers for the rest of her wedding- thank you claire 🙂

    I was so dispaointed not to have deliverd this wedding but i was held up here due to valentines day- Darren ny husband was gven strict instructions on what to do. He was there earlier than planned and couldn’t find where claire was so he asked at the desk and after numourous phonecalls finally found her in the bridal suite, they had all been walking from their ” getting ready room” at the same time that the flowers were being delivered.
    The bridal bouquet a cascade design and created in stunning pillar box red : Freedom roses, Gypsohilia, White Spray Carnations ( these had sentimental value to the family) with aprasagus fern and foliage

    After the wedding flowers all delivered personally to the right rooms we then carried on and set uo the registrar table with the fresh flowers. The happy couple in their wedding room sat at the registrar table behind thier table arrangement of red roses

    The buttonholes were also all artificial and in the same red and white foam roses.
    Andy the groom had a double red rose with white satin ribbon for him to keep

    Best Man’s artificial double white rose buttonhole with red satin ribbon

    Brides moms artificial double white rose buttonhole with white ribbon and red diamantes and crsytals

    Wedding party buttonholes in artificial white foam roses for gents and ladies

    The bridesmaids bouquets were all Artificial as the bride wanted them to keep thier flowers. The bridesmaids bouquets were foam roses in red and white with a single diamante in the centre and crsytal leaf sprays nestled inbetween the roses, finished off with red satin ribbon on the handle

  • Stunning casket spray in Apricot colours

    We were asked to make a casket cpray in a much loved mom’s favourite colours which were apricot.
    Trying to find a true apricot rose was a bit difficult but i think i managed it. The casket spray was delivered to The Co op Funeral Directors in Walsall at 9.30am in plenty of time for the funeral at 2.30pm.
    The design was to be slightly modern so we used grass and foliage to create a modern twist. The casket spray was created with: Alchemey, Colandro Finished with Eucalyptus and foliage.

  • Our Romantic April Bank Holiday Wedding Day of Kerry and Ian in a profusion of sand and cream colours at The Moat House Acton Trussell

    Kerry and Ian were such a wonderful – there theme was for a beautiful spring wedding in colours of pale peach and cream Thier wedding was held at the beautiful Moat House http://www.moathouse.co.uk/ All wedding flowers were delivered here.

    Kerry had decided on a shower bouquet for her, large adult bridemsaids for her 5 bridesmaids, simple and elegant buttoholes for the wedding party and chair vases with flowers for her wedding isle.

    Our beautiful Bride was getting ready at The hotel where she was getting married and Darren my husband was luckily enough to deliver these to her personally while i was setting up thier wedding room, I was a bit miffed that i couldnt deliver these to her personally like i normally do but time was of an essence.

    The Bridal Bouquet was a beautful mix of spring flowers and roses in beautiful sand and cream colours
    I used a collection of Sand and Cream Roses; Quicksand, Vendella, Green Parrot Tulip, White Blossom, Eucalyptus with diamante in a few of the roses.

    The Matron of honour had a large bridal size hand tied bouquet with a beautful mix of spring flowers and roses in beautiful sand and cream colours same as the bridal bouquet
    I used a collection of Sand and Cream Roses; Quicksand, Vendella, Green Parrot Tulip, White Blossom, Eucalyptus with diamante in a few of the roses. pale pink spray roses.

    The Bridesmaids also had a large bridal size hand tied bouquet with a beautful mix of spring flowers and roses in beautiful sand and cream colours same as the bridal bouquet
    I used a collection of Sand and Cream Roses; Quicksand, Vendella, Green Parrot Tulip, White Blossom, Eucalyptus with diamante in a few of the roses. pale pink spray roses.

    The Moms corsages were Quicksand roses with a diamante centre

    Over in the fabulous wedding room i was adding the beautiful glass vases filled with roses, tulip and blossom hung on with organza ribbon to the wedding chairs.
    I was told by the bride that these would be wooden chairs with no covers on so i had bit of a suprise to see them with such beautiful covers on. I had to think quick and the only solutioni could find was to tie these to the chair sashes.

    These put the finishing touches to what was an elegant room dressed in beuatiful cream and lace chair covers .

  • Our Award

    Well Monday 21st March was a very exciting day. At 6.30 pm Myself and my husband  attended the Mayors Parlour in Walsall. Here we had a lovely evening mixing with other Best of Walsall Winners and chatting to lovely business owners.

    At 7pm i was awarded my certificate and Trophy from the Mayor herself. To say i was happy was an understatement altough it did take me while for my hands to stop shaking- i should have had that vodka put in my coke beforehand :-). So we can now officially say the we are indedd an AWARD WINNING FLORIST in Browhills. This would not have been achieved though without the kindeness of my customers leaving me so many wonderful reviews about the flowers, arrangements and wedding flowers they recieved from me, so a big Thank you to all my customers and your support.



  • What a year 2016 has been so far!

    I know i havnt done my blog in a while so please excuse how long this one will be.
    This started off with a bang with us having the opportunity to do a fresh wedding along with wedding venue flowers for a lovely couple who got married in Birmingham. I was given 5 weeks notice and complete free reign on the designs- a florists dream 🙂
    We delievered thier flowers to them at Birmingham registry office and placed all buttonholes on every guest there, we then went on to decorate not one but 2 venues… Now these venues were something really special and ones i cannot ever see me decorating again, hence my excitement..
    Venue one was Bar Epinay In the Mailbox Birmingham, our job was to place flowers onto the tables at the back of Bar Epinay in the wine room. The flowers were arranged in groups of 4 in stunning silver mercury vases ( my choice of container to go with the main venue)
    epinay 1epinay 2









    Our Next Venue was THE ONE.. AND ONLY… MARCO PIERRE WHITE’S PRIVATE DINING ROOM at the Mailbox eeeekkkkkk….yes i did scream LOL. Again FREE reign was given for this.
    We had to make 2 visits for this weddding,as the bar epinay flowers were to be put with the other venue flowers afterwards.
    Well this is what Marco Pierres White’s Private Dining room flowers looked like Day and Night View.

    marco 9

    marco 7







    marco 4marco 2






    marco night

    marco 1






    When i saw the evening picture after i was emailed, i must admit it took my breath away… Needles to say the happy couple were very very pleased which makes me a very happy florist.


    This month consisted of Valentines day and another wedding the day before valentines Day, The bride wanted a mix of fresh and silk flowers, the bride had an all red rose bridal shower ( pic to come). This wedding at Somerford Hall. The bride was delighted with her flowers too. Valentines day was also extremely busy.

    In amongst all this we have been busy doing funeral flowers, bouquets and silk wedding flowers, most of them being shipped overseas to America. We had phonecalls from Austrailiaand France for bouquet orders which makes life very interestin.


    Well what another month it’s been, We have had Mother’s Day and then we WON AN AWARD – whoop whopp- go us 🙂 We we also asked a local Blogger Madwblog if she could interview us about our award and what a florists job is like and what we do. Feeling chuffed as i have never been interviewed before.  Please feel free to READ OUR INTERVIEW

    About our award;

    Due to us being with Best in our category in the UK ( Best of Walsall) this national company run a Most Loved Business Award which is voted by how many customers leave reviews and love their business. Throughout the UK, business are voted on how there customers love them… well out of the whole of the UK in our category florists we won. it was close but we did. We are so very humbled by this as if it wasn’t for the generosity of our customers loving what we do and telling the world we would not have won. So a big THANKYOU to all our customers who love us 🙂

    We are seeing the Mayor of Walsall on Monday and will be receiving our award so watch out for our picture in the Express and Star.

    Well this has brought us up to the middle of March, we have got a packed Month already with another wedding next weekend on the bank holiday and lots other things going on.. i won’t tell you now as i will have nothing to put on here 🙂

    I’ll leave you our awards and a with a few designs we created this year. I Hope you all have a wonderful and fun filled Bank Holiday.. Thank you for reading.

    winner awardmost lovedGOLD AWARD

    man u footballman u wreathmom brendabasket 1sorry for your loss orchids
























  • Mothers Day at Clayhanger Village Florist

    It’s Mothers Day next week – Sunday March 15th is the magic day – so no matter how old (or young) you are, remember to show your mom that you love her.

    There are lots of contemporary gift ideas available, but a nice bouquet is still the most popular thing to give. If you want, we can add a box of Chocs, a bottle of wine (or bubbly), or even a teddy bear along with a personal message all delivered locally on Mothers Day.

    For those who do want something different, we have some lovely Rosebush plants in a hessian handbag which can be planted out in the garden or ceramic teacups with floral arrangements in any colour.

    Please browse our site to see a small number of the things we can offer – but as always, if you want something that you can’t see, give us a ring and we can make it for you.

  • Red Roses Everywhere

    Valentine’s Day was busier than ever this year, and ended when we took a phone call at 4pm for 24 Red Roses, large Teddy and a bottle of Proseco from Canada to a local lady. Luckily we just had 24 red roses left, so we ended the day pretty much sold out, all bar a few mixed flowers!

    A few days later, just as my fingers had recovered from the weekends thorns, I took a call from a local care home asking if I could supply flowers for one of their residents who had passed away the day before. They asked if I could supply a 6″ based cross in white and red initially as the Gentleman was 6′ 4″ tall and had left a request in his will for a full length cross to be laid on top of his casket, and he had left the money in a bank account to cover the cost. As the conversation developed, the care home mentioned that he had actually requested a full length cross of red roses but they thought the cost would be more than the funds left. Well, yes it should have been more, but how could I not supply his final wish! The results are shown below

  • Valentines Day is coming at Floral Exuberance

    With all the Christmas decorations away, it’s now time to turn my attention to another of my favourite times of the year despite the lack of sleep that it usually brings – Valentines Day.

    12 Red Roses

    I am working on designs and ideas for this year, and hope to have a dedicated section of the site up by the weekend. The biggest seller every February 14th is without doubt the Red Rose, be it a single cello wrapped stem, or twelve gift-wrapped in a vase, but each year I like to throw something different into the mix. If anyone has any ideas, or an individual item that means something special to them, let me know and I will endeavour to make you a creation that speaks volumes. After all, even if you don’t say it any other time of the year it’s a day to tell your partner that you love them, whether it’s for the first time in a new relationship or the millionth time of a 60 year marriage.

  • From Bridal Bouquets to Christmas Wreaths and Trees

    Yet another year seems to have flown by, and 2014 has been another busy one for Wedding Flowers in particular with Brides getting more varied, and dare I say adventurous, with their ideas for what they want for their Bridal Bouquets. I have a few fresh ideas for 2015 already booked, but I can’t reveal what they are until after the big day – suffice to say, there will be a few eyebrows raised from the traditionalists, but it is refreshing to be able to give inspiration to brides to set their day aside from the norm.

    As the year draws to a close though, everyone’s mind turns to Christmas, and again I will be busy with Holly Wreaths, Door Wreaths and Cemetery Arrangements. In addition this year, we have some beautiful potted Xmas trees, in a choice of plain and Santa decorated pots starting from as little as £12 each, along with some contemporary designs for Christmas Tables which make wonderful presents for friends and relatives who you don’t know what to buy!. We will be updating the site this week with full details and prices but if there is anything you want in the meantime, please ring us on 01543 453572.

  • Vintage Cappuccino Rose Wedding Flowers

    To enquire about this stunning bouquet please get intouch with us via our contact us page, Thank you. We are always happy to help

    side view of handle

    Vintage cappacino bridal bouquet

    material from brides wedding dress used on the handle

    Not updated the site for a while, and there have been quite a few weddings lately which I need to post up, but thought I’d strike whilst the iron was hot on this one! I wouldn’t usually post up pics the day of the wedding, and would wait for pics from the bride to show as well, but just had to on this one.

    I had a call from a lady early last week asking me if I could see her to talk about her wedding flowers – I asked when the wedding was and I was surprised to say the least when she replied “next Saturday”. We had the meeting, talked for an hour or so about options, and decided on a simple white and peach rose theme with hand-tied bouquets for the bride and bridesmaid, and rose buttonholes for the groom and witnesses. I just needed to match the peach rose with an offcut piece of dress that was being dropped round a few days later. Or at least I thought we had decided……

    Fast forward to Saturday, I was working in the workroom preparing for a Wedding Fayre making a hand-tied bouquet from Cappuccino and Peach Roses when hubby mentioned “those peach roses don’t look a million miles from the shade you need for next weekend wedding”, so I made a note of the rose name and thought nothing more of it.

    Monday evening came, and the bride to be came around after work, with a piece of material and a small bag of sequins and beads that were being used in her dress to incorporate into the design. I had got the bouquet ready from the wedding fayre the day before to match the peach rose, and the bride instantly changed her mind. “I want that bouquet – the design, the colour, everything”. The Cappuccino and peach roses were a perfect match to the dress material, so white and peach was no more.

    The results are shown above – I made small loops from the dress embellishments and attached them to the rose centres, and used the dress material in between the roses, and for the handles and buttonhole trim. I delivered this morning, and when the Bride to be held the bouquet against the dress, we both started crying – I’ll post further pics up of the bride and flowers at a later date!

    To enquire about this stunning bouquet please get intouch with us via our contact us page, Thank you. We are always happy to help

  • Colour Matched Bridal Bouquets and Flowers

    Towards the beginning of this year, I had an enquiry from a bride who knew EXACTLY what she wanted – right down to the exact shade of flower she wanted. Normally, it makes things easy for me when the customer can tell me every detail of what they need, but on this occasion it caused more than a few sleepless nights. After visiting every local wholesaler, and scouring the net for an eternity I was at the point of giving up. We had agreed an exact bouquet, and the exact rose to use, but it wasn’t available in the colour required – unless we ordered 10,000+ in which case they would colour match them to the desired shade. As I only needed 50 or so in each colour, it seemed overkill to order 10,000 so I tasked hubby to find a solution. After much experimentation with various methods and products, two weeks later we had colour matched airbrushed roses that the bride was over the moon with, the below images show the finished article

    As a result, we can now offer both fresh and artificial flowers in any colour – you let us know the RAL code, and leave the rest to me (well hubby).