New year brings in new challenges- wedding planning

New year new challenge and it’s a first…. Our first wedding of the year is on 28th Jan.

The bride has booked her wedding and venue flowers with us and also asked us if we can do the following..

Ask number 1 – Dress her reception tables: white table clothes, navy blue napkins and chair sahses, Ofcourse we can do that. we will even dress it ourselves to make sure it’s done right. I have got samples of fabrics to run past her in the next few days. It just needed me to go to the venue and measure the tables so i could get the right sizes for her.

Ask number 2 – She said she would like real petal confetti.. again we have sourced this with cones and will get it all made for her and take with us to the venue.

Ask number 3- To print off her order of service- again after doing some searching i have found a resonably priced place to get these done for her as i am not specialised in that area, so when i get the information from the bride on how she wants them i will get the ball rolling.

So yes the new year has given me some challenges in weddng planning that we have not done before, but at least now this is something i can add to my list of things we can do for our brides, i can see a new webiste page being added.. I have got alot of good contacts in other areas too should i be asked again. So i am quite enjoying this time in finding new things and challenges.
Happy new year.

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