Red Roses Everywhere

Valentine’s Day was busier than ever this year, and ended when we took a phone call at 4pm for 24 Red Roses, large Teddy and a bottle of Proseco from Canada to a local lady. Luckily we just had 24 red roses left, so we ended the day pretty much sold out, all bar a few mixed flowers!

A few days later, just as my fingers had recovered from the weekends thorns, I took a call from a local care home asking if I could supply flowers for one of their residents who had passed away the day before. They asked if I could supply a 6″ based cross in white and red initially as the Gentleman was 6′ 4″ tall and had left a request in his will for a full length cross to be laid on top of his casket, and he had left the money in a bank account to cover the cost. As the conversation developed, the care home mentioned that he had actually requested a full length cross of red roses but they thought the cost would be more than the funds left. Well, yes it should have been more, but how could I not supply his final wish! The results are shown below

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