what a few weeks!

Well a few weeks agon i was ill with what i thought was man flu, it wanst until the doctor came out to see me and i was sent straight to A and E that we thought ok this is more than flu. Turns out i had got pnemonia from working in the cold for too long. So after a week and a half in hospital and after having to close up for 2 weeks to get better i can safely say that i am back to normal ( well nearly). Its a good job as this week i have got xmas to prepare for with holly wreaths and door wreaths, and, i have got 3 funeral orders in. 1 is a guitar in flowers, the other is a 3d Narrowboat in flowers and the 3rd is an Irish Grandad frame, plus having silk buttnholes to do and some Etsy orders for the USA. Oh as well as my son having his 17th birthday this week too.
So after my illness we are going to be re doing my workroom so i am no longer working at the front… this will take time ofcourse until then we will keeping the doors firmly shut in my workroom, so if anybody wants me they will have to knock on the workroom door i am afraid.
Anyway enough of my babbling, it’s a sunday and i am supposed to be cooking dinner along with home made soup.
Bye for now folks.

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