OMG i am soo excited today. Here is why....... As a florist we all get our frames from a company called Val Spicer- this company makes ALL the oasis frames from wreath rings, posy pads, hearts, crosses and designer specialist frames such as motorbikes etc, for us florists to be able to create our funeral flowers. Well i am on their page and i decided to post some pictures i did of some funeral flowers just to show them what i ahd made using their frames. Unbeknown to me they do something called " Florist of the week" where they pick a florist who has done really good work and they win the tital " Florist of the week". Now this group has loads of other florists posting pictures of their work and i never even gave it a thought i would even be in the running for this.... well I was. and TODAY I HAVE WON FLORIST OF THE WEEK------- OMG SOO EXCITED I'M JUMPING WITH JOY 🙂 The winning funeral pieces are below- motorbike and grandad Have a look on our facebook page for our post and the message from Val Spicer